Monday, January 24, 2011

Are you worth it?
I am a guy who thinks too little of himself. Not too low...but too little of himself. People whom I respect and think of as "oh...its him/her", in my eyes can never do wrong. On the contrary, "other" people are just "people" to me. I don't mean I disrespect them, I do talk to them, laugh with them, share a perverted joke or two with them, but I forget the conversation the next instant.When the roles are reversed, when you miss the subtleties in "people", when people give you importance, do you question yourself sometime-are you worth it..?!
When a colleague who was just a "smoke friend" gives you a goodbye gift when you are leaving the company,
When kids you play with give you a send off card adding an adjective to every letter of your name,
When a distant relative whom you have not talked to for a long time calls you just before you leave the country,
When a "all the best" from a classmate is really earnest,
When someone whom you always annoy, in all her sleepiness asks you "when are you coming back",
When a guy who you just know by name says "you are really looking smart today",
When a hug lasts just that moment longer,
When the goodnight on skype is followed by a moment of silence and then you disconnect,
When a "thanks!!!" is followed by a twinkle in the eye,
When you hear "happppppy birthdayyyyyyyy" on the other end of the line, and you realize the other person is more excited than you,
When a simple "kya kar raha hain.....ghar aaja baatein karthe hain" pops up on your chat window,
When you hear a "how are you ,son" on skype sitting 3 oceans away,
When a "dont worry, you will find your way" sounds so so genuine,

Do you question yourself- Are you worth it??

P.S. Too all the people who read this blog and can relate to this post-I am too conceited to appreciate any of you fools, so in case I die conceited, think this as my epitaph to you ppl..!!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

The cynic never dies...

I thought crossing 3 oceans, living alone, learning how to cook, braving the rain, the cold and the bloody snow, going through the study drill once again will make a "man" for the better. A "man" for tomorrow's world. But alas! The cold makes me more colder, the boredom laughs at me and the silence just stares at me. It does not ask me any question, it just stares. The creaks of the springs of the bed, the grumbling in my stomach, the wind hitting the chimney, all tease me. I think they tease me for an answer. But I let it pass. After all, its me who they tease!!
I still laugh at people who storm facebook with "my first snow" or "washing clothes at 2:45 in the morning" or "i loved shopping with you so and so". I don't judge them yet. But I laugh.
I am the guy who still sings old and sad songs in antakshari.
Among strangers, I still look out for the odd guy or girl who I think might be doing a Phd and talk.
I am still at awe at the odd guy/girl who can talk about Groucho, kailasam, Buster keaton, Fedrico Fellicini and Brain lara in the same 5 minute conversation.
I am still the guy who stands in the corner of the bar trying to gaze at everything.
I am still the guy whose gaze moves from the ankle and then to the bust.
I am still the guy who shrugs.....who smiles.....and has a silent laugh....
Perhaps somewhere deep inside I do not want the Cynic to die, perhaps that's the reason I don't try too much to bury him!!
Not many people will understand the gibberish above...but the 3 or 4 people who will understand this will also smile...laugh...and nod their heads at the screen and think of this fool for a few seconds and go "this ass will never change will he..!??"

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

One month.
One month after my first flight.
One month in a new country.
One month of cold air on my face.
One month of continuous partying.
One month of pretty pretty pretty ladies.
One month of wondering how short skirts can keep the cold out.
One month of eating stupidity.
One month of meeting amazing people.
One month of skype.
One month of missing a lot of important people.
One month of nothingness.......
Oh...ive got a year more........

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

From Tonachikoppal to Thames.
From playing lagori to the lords, from exchanging lables/stamps/coins/ to exchanging currencies, from wearing a chaddi to full body thermals, from demanding another breakfast to eating apples and carrots.
The boy has crossed three seas and finally come to the land of rains and no sunshine.
He has come here to study. Hopefully he does. He does not know how to cook, how to clean and yet stay healthy and strong.
Hopefully the boy will learn. Not to cook or clean, but to stay healthy and strong.
And in the mean time, if any of you know how to do the other things without much effort and money, please to teach!
After all, Thames cannot be much different than tonachikoppal, aint it?!?

Friday, July 23, 2010

The feeling of feeling IMPORTANT

Ego is like a woman's duppatta. She wears it to boost hers, and the man thinks its to deflate
his.(this is original...mind it)
Ever gone in search for the opposite of "ego"? Seems it is "sacred self". Let me be your wren
and martin for this. "My ego does not allow me to tell her she is cute" viz a viz "my sacred
self will let her know she is cute". Understood?!

The reason I started off on a Oh-so-English explanation is this- Is feeling important more important than actually being important? Does making someone feel important in his/her's home/workplace/relationship more relevant than making him/her know his/her's worth?

That extra mention of a person's name at his work place more often, that extra long hand shake a girl gives you which you think is exclusive for you alone, that extra 5 minutes your manager spends with you, that extra helping you are offered at the free lunch, that sorry you are told when you are made to wait. Are all these ego boosters or humble
courtesy or plain fraud. Like she say's...fraud everything?!

I am typing this not because I suddenly felt important important or otherwise, Its only cause at
the high point of my carrier when i have got a xx% hike after working for 2 yrs, I am quitting. I am quitting to study once again.

Is being a "sacred self" akin to being content or being conceited?! If I had said "i don't care what my hike is, i know i worked well" would it be conceit or content!? If I said I work for challenges would it be sacred self or fraud?! If I said i dont care i just work for the money, what would that be?!
If I felt important, and still was not bothered about anything, would that be ego?!
Are content and sacred self just decorated bullshit to justify no motivation and not being a part
of the rat race!?
It might seem that I am asking all these questions at the wrong time, and I don't believe I shall get answers for these anytime soon, but I do believe that I am a fraud, an egoist,a sacred self and content!!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

It suddenly becomes cold, you fall sick. By mistake you take an overdose of citrezen and you are think the best thing to do is to get under that thick rajhai that suddenly feels warm like her arms and you get tucked under it.

You realize you are only delusional and not sleepy. Watching tv is bad. Reading is bad as well...but perhaps less badder. You pick up this book given by a equally delusional person.
I am not much of a book critic. I read cause I like to. You read some books, and some books take you through the reading at their own pace. You cannot skip thru the lines, nor pages, nor words.
With lines like

a walk on a lonley night, and a meeting with the spirts, of the botteled kind
or this

Dear old Dehra : I may stop loving you, but I wont’ stop loving the days I loved you
Ruskin Bond's description of flowers, the savoy bar, the hill side and the calls of the local birds makes even the sweat running through your body go in slow motion. The eye lids close much slower, the clock seems to stop and you never realize when the book ends.
Its books like these that one should give and get as presents. Its books like these, that one should have in their book shelf, and read it every now and then.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

And then there was hair........
Growing up, my dream was to one day get a shave in a gillete and say "gillete...the best a man can get"...not because sachin said it while i was growing up...but it seemed elegant, it seemed royal, it seemed majestic.....the rub of that foam, that splash of that clear water, that after shave that you could smell even thru the tv, that sexy female in a neglige who rubs her face against the gillete man....all these seemed like a pipe dream once.

Growing up during the "development period", realizing this was not so tough.(after all the dollar rate is above 45 even today!!) Other than the female in the neglige', I have come to realize the gillete dream. And I also was dissapointed as to how easy it was to realize.

For people who have seen the ad, if you observe keenly, not a single ad in a single country had adolocent boys or even 20-23yr old males in them. All of them had men, everyday men, men of fame, men of power, they had your father, my father.
Its not difficult to own a gillete today, you can get it off your credit card. can even buy the neglige' and the female off it..!!

It seems, we grew up to early my friend.....or we assumed so. We never realized when we had to tick the next box in the check list someone gave us. We never realized at 24,that we have only 2 more years to "settle". We never realized that earning equates to getting older.We never realized girls of our age look at us differently now, or that the next question would be "what are you going to do next?". We never realized answering to that with a "i dont know" is immaturity and lacking vision.
One of my friends said "our lives were spent whistling at the wrong girl". My friend...we whistled too late......
Gillete does not make a man of you,nor does your monthly payslip.Neither does it allow you to be a boy....oh no sir, ....all it asks you is..."what are you gonna do next?.."