Monday, May 26, 2008

The Bicycle Thief.
No.... I have not watched this supposedly award winning movie. Its really about a bicycle thief. Brother india's cycle went missing 2 days back. It was in the portico at 5.30, and at 6 it disappeared...And as always, I was the one who was blamed for it......!!!! It seems I did not take enough care and keep the cycle inside the house, and so because of me, some1 took the bicycle...!!!
So after all the finger pointing and shouting, yours truly sherlock holmes started deep thinking as to who can steal a cycle at 5.30 in the evening. After some deep thinking (without pipe in my mouth though) i suspected our local dhobhi....!!!

The next day we ask him has he seen our cycle and he says no. After constant bickering by brother india, mother india goes to your friendly neighborhood detective, who incidentally is an auto driver by day and sherlock holmes by night. The only reason he makes such a good detective by night is that he blends so very nicely into the night thanks to his wonderful complexion...!!!
After 2 days he comes home telling that the dhobi is the one and he has the cycle. And finally we get back the bicycle in the same condition it was before. And your friendly neighborhood detective charges 250rs as his Fee........!!!!
And now we don't have a dhobi, all my clothes are un-ironed, and no other dhobi is willing to come and take the clothes out fear that even he might be blamed if anything else goes missing.....!!!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

The stupidity and lameness of shopping with the female species above 35.
Life is not fair for people like me.Really,it ain't fair...!! 4 specimens from the female species above 35 promise to take me to eat out and end up taking me to westside so that they can buy over sized kurtas which fit them.I realize i am taken there only to act as a watchman cause its relatively late in the night.I am just supposed to stand there and try not to stare at the lingerie section nor at other prospective female "customers".
30 minutes into the shopping and i am still trying not to stare at anything, and out of the blue a girl from school sees me seeing something very in-appropriate and comes over to talk to me. We catch up on some old shit and she asks me with whom have i come. I try to think of something convincing and mother india walks up to her and starts talking. She again asks me with whom have i come and finally tell her. She laughs a laugh which means a lot of things. I tell her to continue her shopping and sit quietly near the billing section.
30 more minutes and the girl from school comes to the billing section, pays the bill, sees me seeing something very in-appropriate, smiles a smile which means a lot of things and goes out.
30 more minutes and the specimens from the female species above 35 finally, finally finish buying clothes which fit them and walk out.
I come home, eat curd rice and sleep. *SIGH*
And i still cant comprehend what the girl from school's laugh or smile meant.*SIGH*
P.S. The girl from school had come to shop alone in westside...can any1 tell me why any girl goes shopping alone....???