Thursday, October 25, 2007

PRO-JEKT (for some reason i like 'K' more than 'C' ) i finally made it "officially" into my final year of engineering.Just when i try and relax the final year of my engineered engineering, suddenly some joker in the class comes up with a brain wave of starting a projekt early in this sem itself....!! choose 4 people,form a team and search for a project....sounded i was like the dumb amongst the dumbest blokes in class...i had little choice, so i join a group of 3 highly enlightened,energetic,eccentric,enraged,endangered,enlightened (ok...i dont know any more adjectives starting from E) individuals and the 4 of us start looking for a new projekt.(the one which we were supposed to work on got scrapped thanks to one idiot who gave that idea in the first place...!!). All right,coming to the GROUP as such, 4 people who have absolutely no regard for each other and other people in general, go in search of what SUITS them rather than what they fit into.

The Thinker.
He is like supposed to be the pillar of the group (both physically and physcologicaly).The who gets in the ideas (even before we have a projekt), the MAN who leads from the front, the MAN who is gonna get into IIM-B next year, the MAN who is like the GURU.....the MAN who cant decide upon or agree to a single bloddy thing...!!

The Talker.
He is supposed to be like the FOUNDATION of the group(owing to his immense mass and a pot belly which gives a complex to all unclejis in India).Thanks to him, we go out on the pretext of searching for a projekt and return home eating masala dosas and kachori's.He talks the talk,walks the walk and hogs the hog (it doesn't rhyme,but still...).And he is like the 2nd brainest guy after the thinker in the group.

The Smoker.
He is like the un-official mascot for Goldflake Kings. He is supposed to be a little less dumber than me in academics.Given a chance he will sell a spice SIM card even to our project guide at a discounted rate even though he dosen't have a cell phone.He swings both ways (that is towards the talker and thinker) when it comes to agreeing on something.And he has like flunked the same number of subjects as i have.

The FUC***
He is like the most un-interested,un-involved person in the group.He gives ideas and advice to other people on their projekts even though he lacks one.His ideas are never agreed upon for god knows what reason.He has never met his projekt guide till date.He talks to everyone about the projekt except to his group mates. He is still hasn't got a job and is hopelessly jobless.He is again broke and has exactly 80rs in his purse.He still does not have a projekt, but he can blog about it at 12.30 in the night even though he knows he has to go to all women's college the next day on the pretext of some training he has no idea about.And he still doesn't get more than 10 comments by different people in his blog...!!!
P.S. No individuals,animals or things, living or dead were harmed during the search for a projekt by the 4 individuals.

Thursday, October 18, 2007


Of what use is the rainbow to the sky..??
What joy does it bring to make paper boats and watch them float on rain drenched roads...??
What does one get out of watching a sun set behind the hills...??
Sometimes logic seems so illogical.They say it is a soul thing, ask those people who have lost theirs....!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Hmm...“Someone who thinks the world is always cheating him is right. He is missing that wonderful feeling of trust in someone or something.”
-Eric Hoffer(American Writer)

Saturday, October 06, 2007

And...He thought he had found the "Shining path....", little did he know that it was just a mirage..

Dark clouds still hover over.........and He thinks the grass might be greener the other side...

And HE waits for the wind to blow to set sail what HE thinks are calmer seas.......
(pics by me. Taken enroute to kerla and in kerla.Click on the pics for a enlarged view)