Monday, January 24, 2011

Are you worth it?
I am a guy who thinks too little of himself. Not too low...but too little of himself. People whom I respect and think of as "oh...its him/her", in my eyes can never do wrong. On the contrary, "other" people are just "people" to me. I don't mean I disrespect them, I do talk to them, laugh with them, share a perverted joke or two with them, but I forget the conversation the next instant.When the roles are reversed, when you miss the subtleties in "people", when people give you importance, do you question yourself sometime-are you worth it..?!
When a colleague who was just a "smoke friend" gives you a goodbye gift when you are leaving the company,
When kids you play with give you a send off card adding an adjective to every letter of your name,
When a distant relative whom you have not talked to for a long time calls you just before you leave the country,
When a "all the best" from a classmate is really earnest,
When someone whom you always annoy, in all her sleepiness asks you "when are you coming back",
When a guy who you just know by name says "you are really looking smart today",
When a hug lasts just that moment longer,
When the goodnight on skype is followed by a moment of silence and then you disconnect,
When a "thanks!!!" is followed by a twinkle in the eye,
When you hear "happppppy birthdayyyyyyyy" on the other end of the line, and you realize the other person is more excited than you,
When a simple "kya kar raha hain.....ghar aaja baatein karthe hain" pops up on your chat window,
When you hear a "how are you ,son" on skype sitting 3 oceans away,
When a "dont worry, you will find your way" sounds so so genuine,

Do you question yourself- Are you worth it??

P.S. Too all the people who read this blog and can relate to this post-I am too conceited to appreciate any of you fools, so in case I die conceited, think this as my epitaph to you ppl..!!!