Friday, February 19, 2010

Tripping thru..
The body relaxes,the fists clench. It's as if i'm going thru rigor mortis. I shake.
I wake up.I look around. I lie down. I curl. I am in the fetal position again. I close my
eyes. I see people around me, i hear them. I want to get up, i want to run.
I fall, I fall deeper and deeper. I open my eyes. There are 2 me's. One that say all this
is an illusion. I am ok. The world is ok. I am fine. Its just that i've woken up suddenly
from a deep sleep. Some water on my face will fix things.
No...No...nothing is ok. the other me shouts out. I close my eyes again. I fall, I fall..
Its an abyss i see. Its not dark, its colourfull, the colours of fire. Its a triangle. Its closing
in, its closing in.....its hot...i am burning from the inside...i want out...i want out...
I can see those hands, i want to reach them, but i cant, i am falling, the triangle is closing in..
I open my eyes...This is not happening, i am fine, this is a dream....I am ok....i close
my eyes again.
I am walking thru a cloud...its just grey haze. I am walking....I am walking...I fall....
and then.... there was light...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What has the world around me come to, Part 2 (And perhaps the penultimate part)

Me- are shameless....2 with you.
(dear readers, please to oblige, I am a kid most of the times)

A she-Hmm.....3 and 4 also with you.....!! :P :D

Me-Huh...what does that mean??is that a joke?

A she-Blink Blink?? Please think...

Me- Oh shit....!!

And it was the rubber girl who said the above oxymoronic......!!!! Look what 1 year and me did to her...!!
Its disgusting to know people are getting smarter and you are loosing your aim....

Oh i digress....!!! I am planning to turn into a monk after this.....!!!

P.S. From the times of convent education till today's "international schools", ask any kid in India what "2 with you" means.