Monday, February 25, 2008

I did not care if he ever passed his exams. I did not care whether he came to the class. He was just one of those guys who u always miss to notice in a crowd. His opinions hardly mattered to me. Had been with him for more than 3 years and had hardly noticed him. The occasional hand shake, the infrequent drops to the nearest main road on my motorbike, scolding the pakis for defeating us in cricket. Our conversation was limited to such banal stuff which one does not remember nor needs to forget.
It took one game of amateurish football
One frugal goal scored by 2 amateur "footballers"....... one goal scored of 2 pairs of tired and bruised goal scored by a fluke goal scored by 2 people who hardly ever thought of each other's existence....
The celebrations....the hi-fi's.....the bear hugs......the smiles...... the congratulatory handshakes..... talking about that one goal which every1 forgot days after it was scored......
We still talk about banal stuff....we still scold paki's if they defeat us.... we still have those occasional handshakes....those infrequent drops i give him on my motorbike... i still don't remember the conversations i have with him.....but there are somethings i don't forget.... i see a twinkle in those eyes when he laughs now......and.....the handshake seems to last a tad bit longer.....

P.S. thanks to sushruth for the title.....(this was the smallest font size i got.....!! :P :P )

Friday, February 15, 2008

PRO-JEKT (for some reason i like 'K' more than 'C' )-3
Ok....for the first are the prequels. This and This.
It had to happen. It had to.... We finally started the porjekt. Nothing surprising about it as every1 supposedly has. The only problem for us being....there is suddenly a new clause in the projekt.....we have to fabricate a new solar cooker. For a group of 4 highly enlightened, energetic, eccentric, enraged and endangered individuals who can only fabricate lies and half truths.....fabricating a solar cooker is proving to be quite a task. And to add all this.....the sun god isn't helping as well. Whenever it's sunny....we are gloomy...when ever we are sunny.....he is gloomy...... and oh...did i mention there already exists a cooker which we have to work on...!?? We have supposedly cooked rice, dal and potatoes in that cooker.(apparently everything was fed to the cows in front of the "institute").
For the curious, we are planning to build a PARABOLIC type cooker....(as a tribute to the projekt c0- guides stomach ...) We supposedly had an INTERACTION with german delegates on non-conventional energy.....(which lasted exactly 10 mins, and was quite without any energy and non-conventional....).and i am writing this on a day when we are supposed to be working on the projekt.........

The Thinker.
Still obsessed with pink floyd, gurucharan das and online quizzing.... He is the only guy who wants to finish off the projekt within the given time. He fails to see the sunny side of life and is suddenly obsessed with cooking up some completely un-answerable-questions-unless-googled on his quizzing website and I-want-to-conduct-a-quiz-in-college. His SHINE ON is the only thing which keeps the projekt going. Otherwise the projekt is D-E-A-D.

The Talker.
This guy is supposedly dieting and has no intention on thinking about the projekt because whenever he thinks of a cooker, it seems he has the urge to eat. In the course of his diet he has supposedly lost 4 kgs in 4 days and has lost an inch...(donno which part of his anatomy is he talking though). He has lost complete track of time and is some what dazed around men of his age. And yeah........he can never make it on time to work on the PROJEKT....he is DIETING u c...

The Smoker.
His ignited mind has been doused.......for reasons unknown to man. He cant walk a mere 200meters because he has pain in his leg, but can play football. He seems to be going through a phase of COLD TURKEY as he says he is cutting down on the cigarettes. Cold turkey or not.....he is now the chicken in the team, acts cocky, and has no intention of completing the projekt on time. Some1 should cut his feathers...some1 really should.

The FUC***
He still is like the most un-interested,un-involved person in the group. He still gives ideas and advice to other people on their projekts. He still hasn't got a job and is hopelessly jobless.He is again broke and has exactly 110rs in his purse this time. He is being forced, blackmailed and pushed into getting a hair cut and a shave. Still has no idea as to what he is gonna do after 4 months.....and has suddenly realised that the PROJEKT is as FUC*** up as he is....
And he still thinks why he doesn't get more than 10 comments on his blog...

P.S. can somebody give ideas so that the projekt can be completed on time..??
P.s.2 i donno whats wrong with the damn fonts....!!! swalpa adjust maadi..!!

Friday, February 01, 2008

Movie with the girls.
I was always a sucker for indian movie plots and bollywood 1 liners.always was. Those music videos where a boy and girl meet accidentally in a movie theater, those corner seats joke, those touching-touching of hands while popcorn-eating-from-the-same-packet stuff, i was a sucker for those...i really was, until i went to this only first part second time watchable movie with the girls.
As for the girls, they ranged from 31 to 4...with two 18year olds(who got us the tickets) in between. It being the matnee show and half of bengalooru jobless,(i went to a movie with the girls in bengalooru btw) most kannada anorexic girls and kannada sallu bhai boys were there.I made the most of this and grabbed the seat next to a anorexic girl in pink telling the other girls that it was too hot to sit at the other end.(after all, i turned 21 and am officially ready u c). And i was naive enough not to realise that the girls,(including the 4 year old girl) could read my intentions.FINE...i had nothing to hide...even my hormones have to flow somewhere....!!!
The movie starts. After sometime i realise that the 31yr old girl has placed her 4 yr old girl next to me...fine...i have no problem with that..i like that girl a lot....and i have watched the movie already once....fine.
now to the anorexic girl in pink next to me.Before that i have a question...Y DO ALL THEATERS IN BENGALOORU HAVE EXTRA LARGE SIZED SEATS....!??? i mean the seats are so big that the anorexic girl in pink could squat herself nicely and she did not feel the need to place her hands on the support....!!!!!
Ok fine,i get on with the movie...and then comes the interval...I think this is my moment...the anorexic girl has to go past me to go out somewhere....and then...the 4yr old girls says "nikhil anna...nanage hasive...kurkure thankodu..(nikhil,i am hungry..get me kurkure). Me being the model brother for every other person on earth excluding my own brother, i obediently get up and get her the packet of kurkure. And as soon as i come back, the movie begins. *sigh*
Being the decent boy i am, i sit quietly and continue to watch the movie.After 20mins the theater goes completely blank....i mean completely blank..including the screen.... I MEAN.... ASK FOR A BETTER CHANCE THAN THIS.....!! then all of a sudden the 4yr old girl comes into my arms saying..nikhil anna...hedarke aagthide..(nikhil,i am scared)... and....i watched the rest of the movie sitting 5 inches away from the anorexic girl in pink...!!

*i walk out of the theater and see the anorexic girl in pink and one sallu bhai boy drinking 1 tender coconut with 2 straws in about movies.....sigh..!!!*