Tuesday, January 22, 2008

One fine morning......
father- thindi saapidrya ..?? (will u have breakfast..? )
Me- Venda venda...kulchutu saapdre (no no, will have it after bath)
father- appo yella pannikudkurku aardille...yenaku office ku late aachi. (i cant wait till then, i am late for the office...)
Me-sari sari..naane pankure aapru.. (ok ok, i will only do it later)
father- varda dose pankuruku..?? (u know how to make dose..? )
Me-oh vardu ...yenna annidirke yennane..!?? (oh..i know!! what do u think i am..!?)
father-yenmaana panko po, naa vare.. (do what u want, me leaving)
Me-sari, tata..

After an hour, i call up mother who is not in town and has the not-in-town accent to her voice on the phone.
Me-hello amma, dose henge maadkollodu..?? (hello amma, how do i make dose..?? )
mother- (in her out-of-town accent) ashtu gothillva, thava kaayakke idu, ond 5 nimisha kaayi, aamele dose haaku. (donno that much also, keep the thava on the flame, wait for 5mins, and make the dose..)
Me-sari, haaki aadamele, yesht hottu bidabeeku?? (how long shud i wait after that.?? )
mother-ayioooooooo, noodko, dose yeddre aagide antha, golden brown colour irabeeku. (ayiiooooo, see if the dose gets up, it should be golden brown)
Me-ond dose ge yesht hittu haakabeeku..?? (how much dough shud i use for 1 dose..?? )
mother-neene nodkond haakappa.. (u only c and put man..!!)
Me-oh...ok ok...chutney illva..?? (ok ok, no chutney..?)
mother-(in her out-of-town accent) adella nanage gothilla, yeno maadkond thinnu...dose aaglilla andre noodles maadko...!! (i donno abt al that, if not dose, make noodles and eat..)
Me-noodles a..?? bellag belaage heng thinlli...?? chutney ilva..!!?? (noodles a..?? how do i eat it morning morning...?? no cutney..?? )
mother-(in her out-of-town accent, but a lil louder)-yesht sarthi helodu, chtney illa, yeenara adjust maadkond thinnu, bye.(how many times to tell no chutney, adjust and eat something..)
Me-thumba thanks, bye

and.....after 21 years of existence, i try to make my own breakfast, and try to digest it.
stage 1- keep the tava on the flame and wait for 5 mins. That is easy.

stage 2. pour the dough and wait for it to turn golden brown-ok..how brown is golden or how golden brown..?? Think of calling up mother again, but, the colour of the dose gets the better of me....... i put the dough on the tava, and make a sort of a circle.(After that i understood why i was thought free hand drawing in school).

stage3- insert the dose removal thing under the dose and wait for it to get up-ok, this was quite easy....but the problem is, the dose seems to get up only in a few places..*damn*

stage4-turn up the dose and put it on the tava once again-and i burn my fingers doing that.

stage5-put it on a plate, eat it with either chutney or adjust with whatever u have-and i had to adjust with whatevre-i-have (whatever that is..)

stage6-try, try and u will succeed.

The first one- (this proves y i almost flunked in machine drawing) the 2nd one-i tried, i really did

see, see...i told u i was trying...i almost got a perfect circle..!!!! see.... see..!??
finally, i had to adjust with whatever-i-have...... :( :( :(

PS-i could only digest 2 of my own dose's..(one of them was too thick for my liking..)
PS2-never eat a dose without chutney....!!!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

It was a crowded place, people were in a hurry, they were there to curb that one craving no one could control-hunger. He was waiting for his turn to get his rice plate and gobble it up as fast as he could. He hated eating that same rice everyday for the past 6 months. He hated everything about that place. He hated himself for going to the same place everyday and eating the same rice for the same 10 rupees he could afford. He was tired, he was confused, he was hungry.
It took him 5 minutes to get his rice plate and find a clean place to sit. He grunted in disgust. He knew he deserved more, he knew he was capable of more. He was waiting, he was waiting for something to happen not knowing what it was. But he was waiting.
And then she came, with her hair let loose, arm in arm with her male companion, her chin tilted, a smile that was suggestive of many things. She sat in the table in front of him while her male companion went to get the food.
He looked up, and their eyes met. He did not think much of her, he was more involved in trying to digest his food. Something in her eyes made him want to look at her again. She was still staring at him. He stopped eating for a minute. Neither of them blinked. He was confused, was curious, was hungry, was nervous. He kept staring at her, and she at him. It was as if she wanted to tell him something but he could not understand her language. Another minute passed before her male companion bought her her rice plate.
The next morsel he took was his most delicious ever....

Friday, January 11, 2008

My city, My town
21 years, a million moments, a few dreams, 1 man, 1 place-My city, My town-Mysore.

My city
*Where weekends consisted of sitting on the palace lawn, eating roasted groundnuts and waiting for the lights to go on exactly at 6.30
*Where you haggled with the local "villedele" (beetle leaf) lady on deveraja market so that u get a few more beetle leaves for the 1 rupee u paid.
*Where you accompanied your grand mother to deveraja market when she went shopping for raw mangoes, ginger and lemons to prepare the yearly "uppinakay" (pickle) only because she would get u your favorite "jeerige peppermint" (cumin seeds coated with sugar)
*Where diwali consisted of waiting for your father's friend to get loads of crackers for a few hundred rupees because he had put a 'chit' for crackers in his factory.Where you waited for your father's boss to give you bengali sweets from bombay tiffanies.
*Where you waited eagerly on the 5th of every month for the boy from the "nair" angadi(store) to get the monthly groceries to see if your mother has ordered that costly packet of "bour-bon" biscuit.
*Where you came back hungry from school and begged your mother to give you 6 rupees to buy a potato bun and a honey cake from that iyengaari bakery.
*Where every april or may you went to mannar's market to buy note books for school at wholesale prices and text books at landsdown building or aparna book house.
*Where summer holidays consisted of playing cricket from 10 in the morning to 7 in the evening.
*Where DASARA holidays consisted of going to flower show, the exhibition, and playing cricket from 10 in the morning to 7 in the evening.
*Where a trip to the chamundi hills was never complete without a masala dose, a single idly, 1 jamoon, 1 kesari bath and 1 cup of filter coffee.
*Where monthly copies of tinkle, archies or a copy of amar chitra katha was bought at geeta book house (if u could afford it) or waited for it to arrive at your local librarian.
*Where boys like me hated their mothers for forcing us to go yell beerufying at sankranthi because there was no girl in the house.
*Where jayciyana was a religion and you dreamed all your life to get into SJCE.
*Where your hero ranger was your most priced possession after that tennis ball and that light weight bat.
*Where having a computer a VCR and a colour tv with a cable connection at home made you the richest man in the street.
*Where cycling to chamundi hills during sundays was your biggest achievement.
*Where javagal srinath was a hero.
*Where hitting the road meant you went out somewhere.
*And where if someone asked you "which school are you studying in?" u said "St.Joeseph's............Central not state".

My town.
*Where weekends consist of waiting from 6.30 on the lawns on planet x eating defrosted french fries and waiting for your turn at the bowling alley.
*Where 'Reliance fresh' gives you beetle leaf 2 paise lesser that the villedele lady.
*Where you accompany your grand mother to a shop in deveraja market to get her monthly dose of medicines.
*Where diwali consists of exchanging bengali sweets from bombay tiffanies and not bursting crackers because you are suddenly "environment conscious"
*Where you buy wafers and biscuits over the counter at FAB-CITY.
*Where you come back from school and make MAGGI noodles.
*Where every april or may you go to ALPHA BOOK STORES to buy the prescribed note books and text books.
*Where summer holidays consist of playing play-station from 10 in the morning to 7 in the evening.
*Where DASARA holidays consist of going off to banglore.
*Where a trip to the chamundi hills is still never complete without a masala dose, a single idly, 1 jamoon, 1 kesari bath and 1 cup of filter coffee.
*Where you go to the local CD shop to get the monthly copy of Need for speed or NBA 2008 or GTA.
*Where boys like me still hat their mothers for forcing us to go yell beerufying at sankranthi because there is no girl in the house.
*Where jayciyana is still a religion but you get into a shit hole of a college which has uniforms and dress codes and where a FEST(pest) gets over at 7.30pm.
*Where the other guy's cycle has 3 more gears than your cycle.
*Where you are considered a retard if u dont have a mobile and a computer.
*Where only poor people cycle to chamundi hills. People like "us" go with our parents.
*Where javagal srinath is still a hero.
*Where hitting the road means you are going to that latest disco tech.
*And where if someone asks you "which school are you studying in?" u STILL say, "St.Joeseph's............Central not state".

Thursday, January 03, 2008


Thanks to NAMMA VTU..... i should write the HEAT AND MASS TRANSFER exam once again on god-knows-when day.....
Thanks to some very ENTER-PRICING (the damn paper was priced very high btw...) students of the university, the paper was leaked and the fools did it so openly that the university came to know about it...!!! Talk about MASS transfer....!! thanks to those fools, masses like me have to wait till god-knows-when to finish their exams when every other engineering student in all other different branches can party on. And to top it all, I...I did not get the paper...!!! (its a different story that i would have flunked anyways...that paper was supposedly very tough...but still.... people think i have contacts....!! :P) And to top it all, every other paper of every other branch was leaked (drip drip) and only our exam was canceled......!!!

P.S. cartoon mine only....what u ppls thought...huh..!??
P.S.2. dayavittu pray that the exam on god-knows-when day be easy and i pass...!!!!