Friday, January 30, 2009

On those cold nights when I take you to my lips,
When the wind caresses you and you shiver,
Where I hold you still and feel your warmth,
When your flame and my passion collide,
When holding you is a sin,
When you fill me with a sense of fulfillment,
Just when I am done with you,
When the last embers die.....

I only wish........ for one more puff of life....
Or one last kiss of death....??

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Main aur meri mardhangi
Main aur meri mardhangi Aksar ye batein karte hain
Tum hote to kaisa hotatu yeh kahte, tum woh kahte
Tum is baat pe hairan hotetum us baat pe kitni haste
tum hote to aisa hota, tum hote to waisa hota
Main aur meri mardhangi,aksar yeh baten karte hain

Yeh raat hai ya computer screen ki hai chandani,
ya tumhari nazron se meri raatein dhooli hui hain
Yeh error hai ya koi false alert
sitarain hain ya message ke beep
Air conditioning ka jhoka hai, ya kiski extra-strong de-odurant ki khusboo
Yeh pattiyon ki hai sarsarahat, ki cisco phone me koi chupke se kuch kahara hai
Yeh sochta hoon main kabse gumsum jabki mujhko bhi yeh khabar hai
Ki tum nahi ho, kahin nahi ho Margar yeh dil hai ki kah raha haiki tum yahin ho, yahin kahin ho.
Majboor yeh haalat edhar bhi hai udhar bhi

Tanhai ki ek raat edhar bhi hai udhar bhi
Kahne ko bahut kuch hai magar kisse kahain hum
Kab tak yuhin khamosh rahein aur sahe hum
Dil kahta hai tec* ke har alert ko hata dein
Neend jo hum sab mein hai aaj bat dein
Kyun dil mein sulagte rahain, logo ko bata dein HAN HUMKO neend arrahi HAI, aarhai HAI, arrahi hai!
Aub dil mein yahi baat edhar bhi hai udhar bhi
Main aur meri mardhangiAksar ye batein karte hain

For a middle class boy who grew up hearing thigs like "work is worship" and "honesty is the best policy" the whole idea of staying up late nights just so that some1 else sleeps early is a lil disturbing.What happened to those ideas of "Yes we can" and "I will be the change"? Those dreams of being a rich guy someday? Those dreams of donating to a noble cause?All those turned out to be nothing more than calculating how much more u can claim for travel benifits, shift allowance and so on. Compare each other's pay slip and find out who has made the most.Call up relatives in US using ur office phone,take 100 page personal prints using the office printer,ask for 100rs petrol bill for 25rs of petrol.See which girl's top is too low or whose bottom is too high,comment on a girl's waistline,neckline and her phoneline,talk in front of a colleauge in language he does not understand,buy the costliest mobile on loan,watch movies on the net while at work, take sick leaves on new year's eve.

Mein aur meri mardhangi aksar ye baate karte hainTum hote to kaisa hota,tu yeh kahte, tum woh kahte

*tec=something i work on
P.s: Office blogging is FUN..!!