Saturday, March 21, 2009

Err...some self discovery after a looong time..!!!!
It took me 22 long years to figure out that the female species is as complex and twisted as latent heat in thermodynamics. Coming from a home where 3 men tried not to understand 2 women, i had not realised the fact that one should be "woman educated" to appear smart in front of the fairer sex. As I have now c(r)ash landed in the big city and am living with relatives with 3 women and 1 man, i have come to realize that i am terribly woman challenged.
Mother india, thankfully not being so fashion conscious, i never had seen/grown up with the nitty gritty of fashion. But now I have come to realize that if u want to get a hair cut, u talk about it from 1 month, discuss with neighbors which is the best saloon in the area, check wether the salon is clean, if the woman who cuts your hair is decent enough and most importantly, fix a date to get your hair cut. And when the day finally arrives, u are still thinking if getting your hair cut at this time of the season is good, what will others think if you cut your hair at this time of the day, and is there sufficient water in the bath room, if the conditioner you had bought one month ago is still good, if you have the right towel to wrap your hair afterwards....and finally after the hair cut is done, you go on telling the world that you have "trimmed" your hair. If people tell you that the "trimming" was good, then u call the hair cutting "lady" an artist and if they tell you "oh..i liked you better b4 the hair cut", you call the hair cutting "female" names i do not use and make sure she looses out on 2 customers who u know.

Any upcoming festival,marriage (by upcoming i mean after 2 months), the dress is decided now. Not just the dress, the colour, the jewellry, the salon where u gonna get your make up done and most importantly the dress is supposedly "exclusive" and no one else in the family should wear the same type/colour of dress. You go searching for a matching pair of sandals/shoe/slippers for the dress. And finally when the day arrives you wear a different dress you liked better.

Madur bandarkar's fashion failed to educate me so much as i have learned in the past 6 months. Am i yet to learn many things or is this enough to make me fashionably educated???

P.S-I flunked twice in thermodynamics. If thats a consolation...!!!