Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Things heard while eves dropping on 5 not so beautiful girls while waiting in a queue...
(like it wasn't technically eves dropping...i was just standing in front of them)

Girl 1-this is ur first time here..!?
Girl 2-yeah
Girl1-oh...mine is like some 3rd-4th time..i had been here while i was very young..
Girl3-like u know the story behind this thing..?? u know...!?? there was this guy..and he fell in love with this girl. The problem was this girl was initially scared after seeing him, but later her dad convinced her to marry him and all.
So finally like this guy's father borrowed money from one more fellow for his son's marriage. So thats y this place came into being.
The rest of the girls in chorus-Oh i remember...i was told abt this when i was young.
Girl5-so the moral of the story is it is good to borrow money..!!
The rest of the girls in chorus-ha ha ha ha ha....

And the queue in thirupathi inched forward.....i was trying to ask my grandmother if that story was true.....and i was trying to figure how to keep my panche(dhothi) on my waist for the rest of the time...!!

P.S-i never really got to ask my this story true..!?
P.S.2. The thirupathi laddos are over and please DO NOT ask me for them.
P.S.3 y will 5 girls in all their youth, vigour and vitality come to thirupati on a conducted tour like just like that...!?? (i was dragged by my don't even think of asking me y i was there)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Low disk space

You are running out of disk space on local disk (U:) to free space on this drive by deleting unnecessary files click (w)here.
It is recommended that you not remove these files unless you always have ready accesses to your original media.

Monday, July 07, 2008

And it happened again.

Yup....i went shopping again with the female species above 35. But unlike last time, it was to buy dresses for a 5 yr old girl. Whats the big deal in buying a kid a new dress, it should be easy.

But for a guy who has grown up mostly around chaddi,banians, pants and shirts/tshirts, buying dresses for a 5 yr old girl was quite a thing on a sunday afternoon. I was made to roam some 6 kids shops, saw like some 100 different kinds of "kids clothing" if u can call them. Things such as mini, midi, bloopers, tie ons, frilled frocks, plain frocks, shorts, skirts, wrap ons.....shit...all i knew of women's clothing were those silk,lace and leather stuff and nothing more.....!!! The best part was when mother india said "this skirt is too short". I mean, what is there to reveal or hide in a 5yr old kid...!!! And i also learned that there were 2 types of pink. The baby pink and the non baby pink. Did u know that..!?? Baby pink is supposed to be lighter and supposed to be like innocent and all and the other pink is supposed to mean something i don't-need-to-know.
We finally walked out of 6 shops with 3 dresses which i did not know names of. And i found out that a 5yr old kid's dress costs more than a pair of levis jeans....!!!

P.S. Y do i keep doing the same mistake over and over again and never learn...!??
P.S.2 what does the other pink mean...!??
P.S.3 Should i learn more about female/kid dresses and will it help me in my future "endeavors"..!??

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Rickety buses, 30km cycle rides, drunk co passengers and more.
Back from a trip to hampi, badami, pattadkal, aihole and bijapur. 3 schoolmates, some fathers money to burn, and a whole lot of time to spare.Deciding all of a sudden to go to these places, we pack our bags and set off.
Thanks to the wonderful state transport system, the semi delux bus we had booked got canceled and we had to travel in a rickety, dirty and no-leg-space bus. Being in a great rush, i get out of the auto, take 2 bananas and dash for the waiting bus, only to trip on some wire and fall down..!! but thankfully i fall on my hands with bananas in them and don't hurt myself. In turn i get a sort of banana split-wide-open on my hands...!!
Ok, the bus starts and after an hour, a drunk gets in. The best part is he comes and sits in the front of us. And when the conductor asks him where is he headed, he does not know, and he blames the conductor for trying to con a drunk man....!!! Finally he gets down after he is sober and he realizes he is 2 towns away from where he originally intended to get down. The bus stops at a road side dhaba, and I, looking at the state of the dhaba, order only a single roti and my frnds say they are not hungry. After tasting it, we order 5 more and they were the best damn rotis we ever had....!!!! (and i had the least
We finally reach hampi at around 7.30 in the morning, book a room, have something and try to figure out the best modes of transportation. Being the engineers we are, and also being the environmentalists we are, we finally decide the best way is to cycle around the city with a guide book in our hand... little did we know that the city of ruins spanned 30kms and after cycling through it, we felt physically ruined...!!
The next day, we covered pattadkal and the rest very sanely in auto's and buses.On the last day we decided to see as much of bijapur as possible and take the last bus back home. As soon as we landed in bijapur, a tonga (a horse drawn carriage) fellow pounced on us and promised us to show everything thats is there to be seen in the city as soon as possible. (provided we spend only 10mins in each place that is..!! )
The "environmentalist" in the 3 of us came back to life again and we decided to go in the tonga. We spent a whole lot of time in the whispering chamber of the gol gumbuz whispering to each other from one corner to another like "couples" and wasted our time. We finally could cover only 3 places in bijapur and were back on time to catch the bus back home.
Thanks to the cycling, and the bus and tonga rides, we are yet to recover from aches in not-be-mentioned places and i am broke with exactly 90rs in my pocket..!! :(