Saturday, April 12, 2008

What a welding rod does to u at 12 in the night...
A collegiate fest in a very mediocre "institute". 4 people who we will call fat, fatter, dark and darkest. Dark and darkest want to participate in an event called "junkyard wars"-where in u get some scrap and construct something out of it.(4yrs of mechanized mechanical engineering and we thought we must have learn't something..!! ). Darkest spends his precious talk time and calls up fat and fatter and somehow all the 4 pool in 200rs as the entry fee and write the preliminary round. By some great miracle and some luck, the 4 ppl get selected along with 5 other teams and are given a task of designing a trebuchet. (dark did not what it meant until he saw some pics).Fat and darkest were sent to the junkyard to find some junk. Dark went home to have a cup of coffee and sleep and fatter went god-knows-where.

Every thing is set, its 8pm and fat,fatter,dark,darkest finally start out to build the trebuchet. The only problem being, dark has no clue how to start, fat is bothered abt the food, fatter and darkest argue whose design is the best.Finally they decide upon a design and they start to cut,weld,drill and mend the scarp.

About 3hrs into the "build", nothing is done except having dinner and testing out the welding machine and there enters Mr.NAMA (for ppl who donno what a nama is, its a sort of a horizontal thilak) Mr.NAMA very closely resembles borat in his pubescence . Mr.NAMA has design which dark can't comprehend and neither can darkest. Due to chance/fate/luck or some unfathomable reason, Mr.NAMA gets his hands on a welding machine.....And it began....the greatest "fuse"ing of metals mankind has ever seen..the greatest spectacle in the "institute"...Mr.NAMA and his "FUSEINGS".

10pm-Lo sishya, a swingarm thogond baaro, weld maadona... (hey dude get that swing arm, we will weld it..)

11pm-lo sishya, ee weld alli yeno problem ide..ond lap joint haaki, aa kade ond butt joint haakbidona... aamele ond tee joint haakbittre....ammele corner joint haakoke easy aagbidutthe..!! (hey dude...there is a problem in this joint..we will put 1 lap joint adn 1 butt joint, later 1 tee joint and corner joint will be easy)

12am- lo sishya, there is some problem with this welding rod, go and get a 12 gauge rod da.
(i swear i can't comprehend y all Naama's have a fad of switching over to english suddenly)

1am-lo sishya, swing arm na hing turn maadona.....aamele payload na alli attach maadona..after that, i will weld the bed, aaamele aa pivot na haakbittu bittre...ball hoogbidutthe...(i cant translate this, believe me..!!)

1.30am- Fat,fatter,dark and darkest are almost done and are waiting for the welding machine to be free so that they can finish up and go home.They ask Mr.Nama to allow them to use the machine, "waa....naan yen illi tamashi maadthiddna...naan inna weld maadbeeeku," (waa am i playing here, i still have to weld here)

2am-fat,fatter,dark and darkest somehow complete the task.....plan to go home and then...Mr.nama "lo sishya, 200rs entry fee kottidakku....300rs welding kalthe ma naanu"
(dude...even if we payed 200rs as the entry fee, we have learned 300rs worth welding"

the next day morning 10am when the trebuchet's are being testing.
The judge who is 4 feet tall is asking questions to Mr.NAMA
"tel me ur design i sayyyyyyy......what did u do i sayyyyyyy.....what was the problem given to u i sayyyyyy.....tell fast i sayyyyyy"
"sir, we actually brought MS steel and GI steel as we did not find CI iron. The problem was we did not find the proper material so we calcualted a factor of safety of 2, we calculated that the payload has to 5 kgs for the projectile to go 60 feet, so we calculated the length of the swing arm needed and the fatigue strength required and the wear involved. Due to this we could get a air of around 45 feet and the spring constant K was directly proportional to the constant and the wear resistance..........
Listening to this fat, fatter, dark and darkest went home to recheck their previous marks cards to make sure they had officially passed.
Mr.Nama's team were asked to test their designs. The ball was thrown only so far as the length of Mr.Nama's nama. Fat,fatter dark and darkest were asked to test their design.The ball went flying more than 60 feet, and fat,fatter, dark and darkest were eventually declared winners.

And Mr.Nama is still trying to figure out the difference between a tee joint and his Nama...