Sunday, January 31, 2010

I loose my inhibitions, I loose my solitude,
With the wind in my hair and dust in my face,
In me a great concoction is brewed.

The grease, the pain, the oil the stain,
Where do I go, this cross, that main?
Oh thy road, be my abode,
let the showers of blessings on me be bestowed.
Fill up the tank, grease the chain,
I ride again into the rain, I ride again into the rain.....

Coastal karnatka on my yezdi did things to me.....The bad roads the good roads, the salt in the air, the girl who was oh-so fair....
After cancellations and deliberations, 7 fools finally decided to go on a trip to the coast and malnad regions of our wonderful state.
2 men on 2 bikes and 5 ladies in a car (by ladies i mean men who preffered a car to a bike) headed out to the coast, following each and every milepost.