Wednesday, May 20, 2009

And then there was light...
Thanks to the wonderful atmosphere of the big city that i have been drinking from the past 8 months (among other things), it has suddenly struck me that i am an out-of-place techi in the big city corporate world. It seems 8 months has not evolved me into the quintessential techi that i should have become. Cause a normal techi within 8 months of earning his bread, butter and vodka has to have done the following things-
*Should have changed 2 extremely costly mobile phones even though his office does not allow him to get these fancy mobiles into the office.
*Should own a fancy Ipod.
*Should have had 2 break ups.
*Should suddenly follow F1 even though the only round thing that he sees close are not tyres.
*Beer is suddenly replaced by the costliest vodka.
*Has more plastic cards in his pockets than currency notes.
*Recognizes Meal tickets and Sodexo passes faster than a 10re note (which he uses seldom).
*Sports a fancy sunglass even at 8 in the night in a fancy pub.
*Should change his hair style every 15days.
*Should have attended atleast one bootcamp of some sort and one cycling/biking expedition with unknown people.
*And finally should never go to the pantry\cafeteria alone to drink a cup of coffee.

Except for the graduation form beer to vodka(albeit a cheap one), your's truely has had no success in becoming a successful techi in all other aspects. So heres asking suggestions in becoming a typecast techi in the big city so that yours truely can do better things in his off office hours other than blog on a low battery Laptop...!!

Sunday, May 03, 2009

I put my finger to better use....and...hopefully this stain has more meaning...!!!