Saturday, March 29, 2008

Chaddi, banian and a broken arm.......
I don't even remember the last some1 helped me put my chaddi and banian. It must have been some 12 years ago when i was a kid (physically), not bothered about the brands of chaddi and banian i wore and not bothered who helped me into them.
But at 21, helping a 12 year old kid getting into chaddi banian is.....well...not a task to look forward to on saturday morning..!! Brother india has broken his arm.... every1 in the district is all "ayoo papa ayoo papa" towards him. Ok, breaking ur arm in the summer holls is not quite exciting...but hey...that doesn't mean every1 shoud go "ayoo papa" ALL the time...!!! Whats the big deal in wearing your own chaddi banian....its not fair...!!!! at an age when i fantasize about undressing other i am, on a saturday morning, chaddi banaining a 12 year old.....!! its not fair...its not fair...its not fair....!!!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

How exciting.........!!!
2.30 on a hot afternoon....three 21 year olds are pushed, coaxed and begged to be judges for a debate competition. Most of the "debaters" are a year or 2 younger, one guy is older, arrogant, assholic and taller than the 3 of us. One guy very aptly talks before the debate starts stating that all the 3 are as dumb as the contestants and have been made judges as the organizers did not find any one suitable enough. On girl in pink hands out a rose in a tray to me and one more guy (how romaaaantic no....handing out a pink rose on a tray) and says "I am from the hospitality committee,welcome ". We say " no no " but realizing later that this may be the only time ever a girl gives people like us a pink rose (on a tray or not),we accept it and keep it in our shirt pockets.(to show off to the rest of the "institute").
The debate starts, (I am still smelling the rose to make sure it is real) The first topic is "veg versus non veg"(c.....i told u it was exciting.) and then....they continued..."sania mirza is all hype" "fat people are rude" "indians are rude" "sachin deserves the bharat rathna" "cricketers are paid more" (i am still smelling the rose) girl speaks some sense on a topic i forgot. one guy speaks sense on a topic i again forgot....finally there is a tie between the girl and the guy. I wanted the girl to win as it was international womens day that day, my friends voted for the guy as he was good looking (and mostly gay).
Finally the guy won. (claps claps) and I got a treat from him saying that it was i who made him win. See how exciting my life is..!?!??
P.S. I did not find any1 to whom i could give that rose to. So i gave it to a 1 year old girl child and she gave it back to exciting first rose giving and my rose getting..!!??