Monday, January 24, 2011

Are you worth it?
I am a guy who thinks too little of himself. Not too low...but too little of himself. People whom I respect and think of as "oh...its him/her", in my eyes can never do wrong. On the contrary, "other" people are just "people" to me. I don't mean I disrespect them, I do talk to them, laugh with them, share a perverted joke or two with them, but I forget the conversation the next instant.When the roles are reversed, when you miss the subtleties in "people", when people give you importance, do you question yourself sometime-are you worth it..?!
When a colleague who was just a "smoke friend" gives you a goodbye gift when you are leaving the company,
When kids you play with give you a send off card adding an adjective to every letter of your name,
When a distant relative whom you have not talked to for a long time calls you just before you leave the country,
When a "all the best" from a classmate is really earnest,
When someone whom you always annoy, in all her sleepiness asks you "when are you coming back",
When a guy who you just know by name says "you are really looking smart today",
When a hug lasts just that moment longer,
When the goodnight on skype is followed by a moment of silence and then you disconnect,
When a "thanks!!!" is followed by a twinkle in the eye,
When you hear "happppppy birthdayyyyyyyy" on the other end of the line, and you realize the other person is more excited than you,
When a simple "kya kar raha hain.....ghar aaja baatein karthe hain" pops up on your chat window,
When you hear a "how are you ,son" on skype sitting 3 oceans away,
When a "dont worry, you will find your way" sounds so so genuine,

Do you question yourself- Are you worth it??

P.S. Too all the people who read this blog and can relate to this post-I am too conceited to appreciate any of you fools, so in case I die conceited, think this as my epitaph to you ppl..!!!


Iceman said...

Oh I just think - You took long enough to say that.

But I'm sure you are worth it! :D

Niki Nachappa said...

For the cynic that (I think) you are, its funny you take the words so seriously. I have read so long and so hard between lines now, I can no longer read along them now!

But sometimes its good to wonder at such things. Its in some eyes that we see the best of ourselves.

I think the use of the word epitaph is wrong here, but I get the sentiment. Not assuming I am referenced here, one way or the other, I don't give a damn. I will still say all I say, just the same :)

Sanaha said...

When aged 8, and your bestest friend gave you that extra happy birthday chocolate, you happily mouthed it and absolutely no questions popped in your head. A few ten years added and now why should that extra chocolate appeal any less & make you question the giving?

Modesty is like holding people at an arm's distance. Nothing warms like an embrace. Shut and accept the hugs!

Sushruth said...

good one...

Pratibha said...

hi, how u doing? You are one of those bloggers that give very interesting read. You seem to have stopped writing now, for what ever reason. But if you ever visit you blog again, and if you ever read this note, then here's a BIG 'HI' to you from me! :) Hope I get to see more of your writing, its a pleasure to read what you write :)

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