Friday, July 23, 2010

The feeling of feeling IMPORTANT

Ego is like a woman's duppatta. She wears it to boost hers, and the man thinks its to deflate
his.(this is original...mind it)
Ever gone in search for the opposite of "ego"? Seems it is "sacred self". Let me be your wren
and martin for this. "My ego does not allow me to tell her she is cute" viz a viz "my sacred
self will let her know she is cute". Understood?!

The reason I started off on a Oh-so-English explanation is this- Is feeling important more important than actually being important? Does making someone feel important in his/her's home/workplace/relationship more relevant than making him/her know his/her's worth?

That extra mention of a person's name at his work place more often, that extra long hand shake a girl gives you which you think is exclusive for you alone, that extra 5 minutes your manager spends with you, that extra helping you are offered at the free lunch, that sorry you are told when you are made to wait. Are all these ego boosters or humble
courtesy or plain fraud. Like she say's...fraud everything?!

I am typing this not because I suddenly felt important important or otherwise, Its only cause at
the high point of my carrier when i have got a xx% hike after working for 2 yrs, I am quitting. I am quitting to study once again.

Is being a "sacred self" akin to being content or being conceited?! If I had said "i don't care what my hike is, i know i worked well" would it be conceit or content!? If I said I work for challenges would it be sacred self or fraud?! If I said i dont care i just work for the money, what would that be?!
If I felt important, and still was not bothered about anything, would that be ego?!
Are content and sacred self just decorated bullshit to justify no motivation and not being a part
of the rat race!?
It might seem that I am asking all these questions at the wrong time, and I don't believe I shall get answers for these anytime soon, but I do believe that I am a fraud, an egoist,a sacred self and content!!!


NeeNannaBalle said...

Fraudsters shouldn't question.So much. They shouldn't post such important-seeming posts either.

Fraudsters who love eating cheese and think of themselves as Jerry at times, shouldn't enter the rat race.

Fraudsters should only make the rest shed their ego(fraudster read it as - makeWomanShedHerDupatta - i knows.Perverthead)

javier said...

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djd said...

come one will u stop thinking too much?

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