Wednesday, October 27, 2010

One month.
One month after my first flight.
One month in a new country.
One month of cold air on my face.
One month of continuous partying.
One month of pretty pretty pretty ladies.
One month of wondering how short skirts can keep the cold out.
One month of eating stupidity.
One month of meeting amazing people.
One month of skype.
One month of missing a lot of important people.
One month of nothingness.......
Oh...ive got a year more........


Adam said...

and what a long year this is going to be!! to some ppl at least... ;)

Sushruth said...

so kaundi how deep did u go into this whole affair of short skirts :p
one month is all u need......

MaDdy!!! said...

Interesting :)

lot of important people, not said...

And one month of kahan gaya hai mere sheher ke musafir tu singing here