Sunday, February 08, 2009

Mail Mail mein me.....

In the big city corporate world, checking mails is REALLY an importnat thing. And more important is to make sure other people know that you have checked your mail. All the mails I used to ever receive before being a "techie" were all related to increasing the size of one's penis, or getting a bigger bust line, investment ideas from nigeria or job offers which never suited my resume (if it's a resume). But after being a "techie" and get a corporate email ID, I've come to realize the (un) importance of mails and reading them.

Essentially, there are like 2 types of mails.

Out of office mails-ones where u send out mails to the whole world that u are not working and please do not contact me or-i-will-screw-u.

And the most important of mails-Communication mails.These mails are supposed to be sent out to make sure ppl understand what u have already told them. You have xplained something for 1hr to a person and he has understood it, but still u've to spend 2hrs typing that out and mailing it to him. Y u ask..??? For the only reason that if the guy screws up in his job, he can always tell that you did not xplain things to him properly.!! OR you can cc this to your manager and tell him that u have done xtra work and hope he will give u a better rating/appraisal the next time.

The wonderful things about mails in the corporate world is that, u can always attach "checking your mails" as a reason for your incompitence/compitence.

Your manager asks " u y u did not attend the meeting?-

"oh...i did not chk my mails, i chkd it now!"

manager-"But don't u know the meeting is postponed and its now?"

" mailbox is capped and i am not receiving any new mails"

Some unwanted colleauge ask's u out for coffee-"sorry, i am checking my mails"

Some unwanted colleauge ask's u y u haven't completed ur work "i am chking my mails"

Y are u late to office-"i was chking mails from home"

Y are u leaving early "gotta chk mails and those mails are not openenig in office"

Where is the report?-"mailing them"

Where is the report?-"have mailed them, mostly ur mailbox has been capped".

Why am i ending this post abruptly....?? "sorry, i am blogging from office and me gotta chk my mails..!! "

P.S. I chkd my yahoo mailbox and have a job post mail. It is from a company called CLIMAX OIL. Of all the mails i get...!!!! The only problem is these ppl require "qualified people who have 2yrs experience" my...only if i had started working earlier...!!! any of u guy's interested..!???